ARM Catalog Browser Documentation

Below is a guide to using the Thumbnail Browser Interface.

Step-by-step tutorial for using the ARM Thumbnail Browser Interface (click on the image to enlarge)

To begin, go to the ARM Archive website and select the Thumbnail Browser Interface.

You will be asked to enter your Archive user information. If you are a returning user, enter your ARM Archive user ID or email address and click " Sign in." If you do not have an account set up at the ARM Archive, click "Sign up" and follow the brief registration process.

Next, you will be presented with a choice of interfaces (Novice, Power, and Catalog). It is recommended that inexperienced users select the Novice interface, as this will give the user a broader approach to selecting data. The rest of this tutorial follows the Novice interface approach.

Begin data selection by choosing an ARM site. For more information on the ARM sites, see the map below or go to

Next, select the facilities you are interested in.

Narrow your query by choosing a date range. Enter both a start date and an end date to narrow the range. By default, the range will include all dates for which there is valid data for the site/facility you have previously chosen. You may also elect to view the data using the "Day at a time" view by entering a specific date for which you have interest.

Next, select one or more instrument categories that you are interested in. Use the CTRL key to select more than one. For more information on the instrument categories, see

Based on the instrument categories you selected in the previous step, select up to 20 base instruments for which you are interested in seeing data.

Next, you will select the individual datastreams you want to see data for. You may select up to 20 by holding the CTRL key. You may also reselect the base instruments you chose in the last step.

Once you have chosen a datastream(s), you will then be presented with a list of measurements from which to choose. You may use either the Master List or the list of Measurements across from each individual datastream. Selecting a measurement from the Master List will select also select it in the columns below. To select more than one, hold the CTRL key. When you are satisfied with your selection, click Next.

After making all of your selections, thumbnails of the data you chose will be displayed, starting with the first date of the date range you specified. Thumbnails are displayed one month at a time (although you may customize this view using the drop-down list at the top). To scroll through the thumbnails, use the scroll bar at the bottom or use the numbered page selector at the top to view consecutive months.

Click on any thumbnail to bring up the Quick Look for that particular daily file. Quick Looks are larger, more detailed plots of all the variables for the datastream. From the Quick Look, you can also view Data Quality information.

When you are ready to order data, you may select individual daily files by checking the box below the thumbnails, or you may elect to order all the files for the particular datastream/date range combination by checking the box under "ALL". When you are satisfied with your file selections, click "Add to Shopping Cart."

Once you have added the files to the Cart, a confirmation will appear at the top of the screen. You may continue to browse and add more data selections, or you may proceed to ordering the files by clicking "View Shopping Cart and Order Files."

The Shopping Cart will display all of your file selections for review. To remove selections, click "Remove." When you are satisfied, click "Review/Order Files" to send your order to the Archive.