ARM Data Browser Documentation

Below is a guide to ordering data through the ARM Data Browser Novice Interface

Step-by-step tutorial for using the ARM Data Browser Novice Interface (click on the image to enlarge)

To begin, go to the ARM Archive website and select the "Data Browser" interface.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose between Novice and Datastream Interface. It is advised that inexperienced users and users who are less certain of the data they want choose the Novice Interface, as this will guide you through a broader range of choices.

Next, select the ARM site from which you are interested in ordering data.

Once you have selected an ARM site, choose the date range you are interested in. The default selection will include all valid data for the particular site you have chosen, however, you may only want to select a portion of this, as the entire valid date range will usually be quite large. Enter both a Start Date and an End Date to narrow the range.

After selecting an ARM site and a date range, choose the approach for which you would like to continue the data selection process. Choosing the Instruments approach will guide you through instrument categories and particular instruments; the Measurements approach will similarly guide you through measurement categories and particular measurements. This rest of this tutorial follows the Instruments approach, however, the prompts for the Measurements approach will run identically parallel to this approach.

Once you have selected an approach, refine your query by choosing the specific instrument categories associated with the data you are interested in. You may select more than one by holding the CTRL button.

Next, select the base instruments you are interested in. You may select up to 20 by holding the CTRL button. Click 'Get Available Data Streams' to continue.

In this step, you will further refine your query by choosing up to 20 individual data streams. You may also reselect base instruments in this step if you are dissatisfied with the list of data streams based on your previous selection.

After choosing data streams, you will be prompted to select one or more facilities from which the data is collected. You will need to select a facility corresponding to each of the instruments you chose in the previous step. You may choose to select the same facility for each instrument (if available) or different facilities for each, depending on your needs. To better understand where each facility is located, click on 'view facilities map'.

Next, you will be given the chance to review your selections on the Data Selection Summary page. This page allows you to review the date ranges, number of files, size (MB) of files, DQR days, and QuickLooks associated with the data streams you have chosen. You may view Quality Color Summaries, DQ Reports, and QuickLooks from this page as well. To order files, click on 'List files to order.'

Lastly, you will be directed to a page where you can select individual files to order, select all files to order, or extract measurements. By default, all files will be selected. When you are satisfied with the list of files, click on 'Order.'

After ordering files, you will be directed to a confirmation page where you will recieve a confirmation status and request number when the order has been recieved at the Data Archive. Once the data are available for pickup, you will receive an email with a link to an FTP server. You may go to the FTP server and download the data at your convenience within the next seven days.