ARM Archive's Catalog of Data Streams

This catalog lists the data streams that are currently available from the ARM Archive. The data streams are listed by file format type (i.e, CDF, HDF, RAW, JPG, MPG, PNG, ASC, and Other) and then by the site where the data is collected. Each list contains the name of the data streams in alphanumeric order, the number of files within the data stream, the minimum data date, and the maximum data date. Sites that contain "(development)" in their name link to data processes which were operated during the final phases of implementation of particular data sources. Development data are frequently available to users, but additional information about the operating conditions and potential for errors must be considered. The information in this catalog is current as of September 4, 2018, and is updated about once a month.

Network Common Data Format (CDF or NC)

Hierarchical Data Format (HDF)

Raw Data Format (RAW)

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) Format

Moving Picture Experts Group Phase (MPG) Format

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Format

ASCII Format


Files that are not in CDF, HDF, RAW, JPG, MPG, PNG, or ASC formats or files that do not meet the standard naming convention (i.e, do not begin with the site) are listed in the Other files category.