ARM Download Helper Script

ARM provides a small shell script that can be used to download the ordered data files into a directory of your choice. This script is designed to be run on Unix, Linux and OS X operating systems.

As soon as you get the Order ID, you can invoke this script as follows: <ARM User ID> <Order ID>
Examples: wwallace 202123 wwallace 202123 /data/arm/sgp

Once invoked, this script will poll the order status page every 120 seconds and when the order is ready for download, it will download all the ordered files into the current directory, by default, or the directory supplied as the third argument. All downloaded files will be placed in a new directory named after the Order ID.

The script can be downloaded by clicking     [MD5( 14367fdf01b99d8e9dec051deb4eb12f]

Download and save this script in your bin directory, or some such place. The script depends on curl(1) and will use ftp(1), curl(1) or wget(1), depending on what is available on your system.

For additional help, please send email to: